If elected to power, will not let 26th January and 15th August fall on Sunday: Arvind Kejriwal 

24, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

In a final attempt to woo voters, Arvind Kejriwal today made an announcement that would probably bring cheer among lot of employees who lament at the thought of public holidays like 26th Jan and 15th August falling on Sunday.


Arvind Kejriwal today announced that if his Govt comes to power, he will ensure that public holidays don’t fall on weekends. “I know a lot of working professionals are excited about 26th Jan and 15th August with the hope that they’d get a day off from work. But this year 26th Januray falls on Sunday, this has caused a lot of heartburn to employees. Lekin hamari sarkaar aayi toh aisa nahi hoga. Sau din ke andar….keval sau din ke andar hum calendar change kar denge,” he announced at a press conference.

Many employees from the IT sector welcomed the move. “After years of planning, me along with my friends finally agreed on our Goa plan. But that too had to be shelved at 26th Jan was falling on Sunday and we couldn’t get a long weekend. Given his track record, I am not too inclined to believe him but if he really means business then he has my vote,” said a senior software developer working in Delhi.

BJP shot back at Kejriwal and said that the Delhi CM was not doing anything concrete and is just making hollow promises. “He makes such promises just before elections and then fails to fulfill them. We have seen that previously as well. There is a reason why he is called the U-turn man. I just want to know how he is planning to ensure that pubic holidays don’t fall in Sunday. Is he planning to bring out his own calendar, like the Kingfisher calendar,” questioned Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari.