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Election Commission's official website shows Rahul Gandhi as a BJP MP

08, Sep 2017 By Guest Patrakar

In a major turn of events, the Election Commission of India, an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administering election processes in India, has mistakenly showed Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi as a BJP MP.

Though the EC quickly changed it but people took screenshot of the same at a speed faster than Usain Bolt and shared it on various social media platforms. 

On Thursday, one of the social media users posted a link of the official website of election commission of India that showed Rahul Gandhi as BJP MP. This post was later shared by many BJP leaders and criticized by Congress and other parties. EC later changed it and released a circular apologizing for the error. 

Incident gathered a lot of attention and leaders of almost all the parties reacted to it. CM Arvind Kejriwal not only slammed EC but also called it a BJP agent. He also said EC must have added the right information but BJP would have hacked the website taking MPs from other parties to BJP.

Congress spokesperson, Sanjay Jha slammed BJP for the mistake and said “BJP is stooping low just to get a few votes, he further added, “BJP is trying to take credit of Rahul ji’s hard work.”

Faking News reporter spoke to BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, who said, “Though it may look like a mistake but it’s what is true. Rahul ji has been a star campaigner of BJP. His one rally or speech can ensure BJP’s victory even in those constituencies where BJP didn’t even have a contestant.”

Many said Rahul Gandhi has worked for BJP and his name coming under BJP was just a formality that is also over now. Where Rahul Gandhi is enjoying in Europe, BJP is likely to file a defamation case against Election commission for showing Rahul Gandhi as a BJP member. What will happen next will be interesting? To know more keep reading Faking News.