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Electrical engineer working as a techie replacing faulty bulbs at home to stay in touch with his engineering subject

05, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 29 yrs old Electrical engineer Ankit Kapoor is replacing faulty bulbs in his house to keep in touch with the subject he spent 4 years studying. Ankit, who works as a Software Engineer for an IT company, hasn’t used his engineering for any other work till date.

Faulty bulb
Electrical engineer at work

“I would like to think that I didn’t just waste 4 years studying electrical engineering since I am working as a techie for an IT company. It just so happened that I got a job based on the 3 months certificate course I had taken and not on the basis of my engineering. After that, it was one IT company after another and my electrical engineering got left behind. Now when I replace faulty bulbs and tubes in my house, I feel connected to my roots”, Ankit said.

“At work, I have no hope of doing anything related to my engineering so I do it at home. I even volunteer to replace bulbs in all the flats in our society. I am working on fixing fan regulators as well but that is a bit more complicated and I haven’t mastered it yet. Hopefully, I will be doing that for the whole society as well by next summer”, Ankit added.

Ankit’s father, Mr. Kapoor, lauded his son for his eagerness to do this domestic chore. “Young people these days always try and get out of domestic chores but not out Ankit. The moment a bulb or a tube flickers; he is on the job and replaces it instantly. He even gives us a little lecture on the functioning of low pressure mercury vapour lamps every time he replaces a tubelight or a CFL. Just makes me happy that the money I spent on his engineering didn’t go to waste”, said Mr. Kapoor.

When we asked Ankit why he doesn’t try to get a job through his Electrical engineering qualifications, he replied, “Well I do prefer to work in an IT company. There are no benches in an electrical sub-station and there isn’t any air-conditioning either.”