Emergency sounded on flight after a passenger was found intently listening to cabin crew instructions

04, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

A flight from Mumbai to Delhi returned shortly post take off after a passenger was found listening to instructions of the cabin crew. Sources say that the control tower at Mumbai domestic airport received a call for emergency after which the decision to abort the flight was taken.


A cabin crew member on the flight spoke to Faking News and said, “The in-flight safety instructions are part of our standard procedures before take off. And it is no surprise that none of the passengers listen to the instructions. I have been working for last 5 years never seen anyone so interested in what the crew had to say. So when I saw this gentleman listening so carefully, I immediately raised an alarm.”

The aforementioned passenger was taken into preventive custody and questioned at Mumbai airport after being deplaned and the journey to Delhi commenced with the rest of passengers. As per officials the man was found to be an IT engineer and this was apparently his first ever flight.

Satisfied with his response officials did not press any charges and allowed him to board the next flight to Delhi.

To ensure that such incidents do not happen in future, airlines are now taking proactive measure so that all passengers pay attention to safety instructions.

Highly placed officials in the DGCA revealed that they are seriously looking at introducing in flight surprise quiz post the instructions to check if passengers are paying attention.

“If a passenger score less than the cut off, he could be deplaned,” said the official