Employee friendly MNC conducts meetings in queues outside liquor shops

04, May 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, physical meetings in offices have become a thing of the past. People are either sending passive aggressive emails to communicate, or cursing their internet connection while trying to connect through Zoom calls.


This has meant that the already unproductive meetings have started becoming even less productive somehow.

However, a Bengaluru based MNC has now come up with a very employee friendly way to conduct their unproductive meetings, outside the liquor shops in the city.

With most of their employees standing outside the wine shops, the management has decided to conduct their meetings there with the safe social distancing markers already in place. All employees have been instructed to reach the wine shop at the same time, and finalize business decisions by the time their turn comes to buy their stock.

Speaking to Faking News outside one wine shop, the HR manager of the company said, “I was watching frustrated people scream Can you hear me, Can you hear me, all the time during the zoom calls, and I thought to myself that there must be a better way to conduct meetings. Our office is closed, all the cafes and lounges are closed so we couldn’t find the appropriate place but now we have. All the employees are already here, there are already marks on the ground showing how far to stand from each other, there is plenty of time on our hands while waiting for the turn, it is perfect.”

Furthermore he added, “Yes people have to say things a bit loudly to make sure everyone in the team hears them but they are still shouting at a lower level than during video calls. There is the danger of eavesdroppers hearing our conversation but any MBA will anyway know what we discuss in our meetings, and rest of them will dismiss our talks as nonsense so it is a secure meeting.”

Meanwhile, looking at the long queues outside wine shops, and at their 0 sale, Maruti Suzuki is also contemplating making alcohol in their factories.