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IT employee gets fired from the job for reading the license agreement completely before installing new software

31, Oct 2016 By RT

Bangalore. A Software engineer was fired yesterday from an MNC for reading the license agreement completely before installing a new software. Apparently, he took one full day to install a Software which otherwise takes only 5 minutes to install. Faking News has the full story here.


Mr. D. Tailapan, fondly called as D.Tail by his friends, arrived at his electronic city office yesterday without having a faintest idea that by the day-end he would be fired from his job. When his manager asked him to install a new software, he accepted the assignment cheerfully and went about his task.

When D.Tail reported his time sheet for the day with 8 hours – software install, his manager was furious beyond normal levels, it was later learnt by Faking News. The manager called D.Tail and immediately asked for an explanation. When D.Tail told him that it was rather a lengthy license agreement, his manager was thoroughly confused.

‘What license agreement?’ was the simple question asked by his manager and Mr. D.Tail replied in detail for half an hour – explaining the license agreement in detail including all the sub clauses. His manager developed a headache first and for the next thing he shouted ‘You are fired’ and asked him to leave the office immediately.

“I did my job correctly and was fired for that,” Mr. D.Tail complained to the Faking News reporter. He showed the exit letter from the HR, which had only 3 words: ‘You are fired!’

When our reporter met the head of human resources, “Normally our exit procedures take one full day with lot of documents handover from both parties. With Mr. D.Tail, knowing him from the day’s work, we cut it short to the bare minimum legal obligation of telling him that he was fired from the job,” the lady replied.

The very next day, D.Tail got various job offers from a number of TV channels as a consultant, acknowledging his talent to go through complete nonsense and insignificance for hours together, as learnt by Faking News.