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Employee gets fired for making excuses on being late while sharing the same cab with boss

21, Nov 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: An employee working with a leading software company was fired today by an enraged boss after he made excuses for being late while sharing the same cab with the boss. Reportedly, software engineer Anurag took a shared cab to his office, from Chembur to Airoli. Anurag, being a social media addict, kept looking at his phone while boarding the cab and didn’t notice his boss was sitting in the same cab.

A few minutes after boarding the cab, Anurag got a call from his boss to which he replied that his friend has been admitted in ICU so he’ll come late. Anurag didn’t realize that his boss was sitting at the front seat of the same car. The enraged boss then didn’t even wait to reach the office and fired Anurag in the car itself.

When Anurag tried to counter his boss with the argument that both of them would reach the office at the same time, his boss fired him from the job and opened his laptop to type Anurag’s termination letter. He used the cab’s Wifi to send the email across.

Faking News reporter spoke to the recently jobless employee, Anurag. He said, “I am going to escalate the case, I have been fired with no fault of mine. If my boss and I shared the same cab that clearly means I am not reaching office late and even if I do my boss will also reach late. Hence, he should also be fired.”

We also managed to connect with Anurag’s colleague, Chaman, who was on leave that day. Chaman said, “I had no plans of taking any leave. In fact, I had started from my place for office, I had also taken a shared cab. However, the cab took me everywhere but close to my office. I realized that I won’t be able to reach the office on time so I texted my boss that I am taking a leave. I survived my job,” said Chaman merrily.