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Employee getting up at 3 AM to send emails to show boss that he is working through the night

05, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Jaipur: A sales executive, Nitin Rawat, based out of Jaipur gets up every day at 3 AM to send some random emails to his boss to show that he was working through the night. Nitin’s boss, who sits in the head office in Delhi, is very happy with the hard work Nitin is putting in.

Time to wake up!

“I got only 5% raise during the last appraisal and I don’t want a repeat of that. I was told during the appraisal meeting that I am putting only 100% effort when I should be putting in 150% effort at least. I discussed this with some of my colleagues who taught me this trick to show our seniors that we are working through the night. Now even if my sales numbers are poor, they appreciate me for all the work I am putting in”, Nitin explained his strategy.

“There need not be anything important in the emails. Sometimes I only send an ‘ok’ or ‘noted’, the content of the mails is not important, the timing is. It also helps me the next day as my boss doesn’t bother to call and disturb me before 12 as he believes that I need some rest after my work during the night. As long as he keeps believing that I am working late hours, I should do fine during the next appraisal”, Nitin added.

When we asked Nitin what he will say if his boss asks what sales he is doing during the night, he replied,”Boss, you must be new to the field of sales and marketing. Selling stuff is 10% of the job. Preparing excel sheets is the main task that we have. Excel sheet for stocks, excel for prices, excel for distributors, excel for dealers, excel for sales figures, excel for the time you went to the bathroom, everything must be in an excel sheet and there is no fixed time to work on an excel.”

When we asked Nitin’s boss what he thinks of his employee’s hard work, he said,”Ji mehnat to gadha bhi karta hai, iski mehnat ka main kya karoon?”