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Employee turns into professional ballet dancer while trying to avoid stepping on office Rangoli decorations

25, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

While trying his best to avoid stepping on the office Rangoli, an IT employee turned into a professional ballet dancer. The incident occurred at an IT company in Bengaluru where Ranjit Nair, the aforementioned employee, was greeted with Rangoli decorations the moment he entered office.

ballet rangoli

Speaking to Faking News he said, “The decorations were all over the place. The only way I could reach my cubicle was by walking on my toes, like those ballet dancers. And by the time I reached my desk, I almost felt like a ballerino. For the next hour I was just dancing across the floor. Thanks to the rangoli, I have managed to channelize my inner dancer.”

A few other employees had similar stories to tell. Many narrated how just reaching their desks felt like a few minutes of military obstacle training.

Another employee, a senior software engineer, got honored by the HR for managing to reach his workstation without stepping on the neatly laid out decorations on the floor.

“It was like a tightrope walk for me. It took me an hour to reach my workstation from the reception, which usually takes 5 mins. Had to keep my eyes open for any design that may show up around the corner,” he said.

Our reporter tried speaking to the HR of the company to know more about the employee who was planned to quit to job to become a ballet dancer. The HR manager clearly was not pleased with all the unnecessary attention the news was getting. “Tomorrow if he fells like becoming a belly dancer or a pole dancer, so be it. We wish him all the very best for his future endeavors,” he said in an irritated tone.