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Employee upset with rain cancelling no train in Mumbai today, caught snapping overhead wires at Bandra to disrupt services

23, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Hoping to get an off from work today due to city being hit by another spell of heavy rain, an IT employee was shattered after finding that there was none declared by his office.

25 year old Lokesh Negi was hoping for a repeat of last Friday, after the rain started falling heavily last night, and was confident that offices would be shut today.

“The way it was raining last night me and my roommates started celebrating and even got home some daaru,” Lokesh told Faking News.

“The mood was set and the plan was made for a trip to Marine Drive to get wet in High tide,” Lokesh said,” I mean so confident were we that we did not even bother sleeping till 5 in the morning.”

An adamant Lokesh.
An adamant Lokesh.

But unable to find any mail in his inbox from the company about any holiday being declared, Lokesh had his last hope pinned at cancellation of local trains as is the case always.

After finding none of the trains in his route getting delayed leave alone getting cancelled, an enraged Lokesh then took it upon himself to make sure at least few are cancelled.

As per onlookers he climbed to the overhead bridge at Bandra station, jumped onto a train from there and was caught snapping wires with scissors to disrupt the services on western line, before he was caught and taken into custody.

“This is not done. Rains are now trolling us. They fall like mad during weekends and evening, foiling all our plans and then during weekends and mornings are nowhere to be seen,” he cried as he was being led away by Railway authorities.

“I seriously think they are my company’s HR agents,” added Lokesh, who also supports a ‘Krantikaari’ political party.

Meanwhile seeing the frequency with which train services on central and harbor line are disrupted during rains in the city, Lokesh is now looking for an accommodation and a job in areas surrounding these lines.