Employees cover their eyes to protest against dry fruits as Diwali gifts, HR takes strict action

22, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Unpleasant scenes were witnessed at an IT company in Bengaluru after employees turned up in blindfold to protest against dry fruits as Diwali gift.

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Sources say that a sent to employees to collect their Diwali gift was met with aforementioned rebellion after they found dry fruits inside the box.

Disgruntled workers then planned a protest to express their displeasure. Many employees turned up in blindfold while those who didn’t covered their eyes to avoid looking at their Diwali gift.

Speaking to Faking News, senior software developer from the company said, “It is the same box of kaju-badam that we get every year. Be it recession or otherwise. Why can’ they think of better gifting options. What do I tell my wife. It will be an embarrassment for her in social circles when they find out that I got dry-fruits yet again this year. I can’t even think of going home with this.”

Apparently, the company has been handing out dry fruits for the last 10 years as festival gifts. Many were hoping, though a futile thought, that this time around things would change.

Protesting employees say that if the boxes are not taken back, their agitation could morph into something as big as the Honk Kong protest.

These threats seem to have little effect on the HR dept, who are clearly in no mood for any tantrums. “What else do they want for free. They have no option but to accept dry fruits without cribbing. We have asked employees to remove blindfold and for those who don’t comply, we will forcibly remove them,” said a Senior HR Manager.

The company has also hired the services of bouncers to forcibly uncover the eyes make employees have a look at their gifts.