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Employees who mentioned swimming as their hobby in Resumes told to swim to work in flooded Bengaluru & Gurgaon

01, Aug 2016 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru/Gurgaon: Heavy monsoon showers resulting in water-logged roads have almost drowned half of professional hubs of North and South India. Congestion at roads has led to a very low attendance in office as more and more people chose the options of working from home as reaching office became really difficult.

Flooded roads
Beautiful water to swim in

In order to make sure that productive hours aren’t lost fighting the water logged roads, HRs of the companies have decided that the employees will be allowed to work from home till water gets settled. However, there is an exception, people who had mentioned swimming as a hobby in their CVs at the time of interviews aren’t allowed to do the same. They will have to sue their swimming abilities to reach office and prove that everything in their resume was true.

Speaking to Faking News, the HR manager of TCS (Taramandal Competency Services) said, “Our company is best known for taking care, along with blood of course, of its employees. If someone has to work from home, they can work from home, we don’t have any problem as long as the work is done. However, I do recall several employees mentioning in their resumes that they love Swimming. Well, now is the time to test it. Skills related to job can be easily tested while we hardly get any opportunity to test the unrelated ones. This is the best time where they can showcase whether they really know swimming or just mentioned it to get invited to office pool parties”.

One of the employee also provided inputs to us and said,” Everyone knows forgery is done everywhere. Be it Facebook profile or Twitter bio, one has to show some additional abilities so that society accepts him. Similarly, one has to add few points to his CV so that organization accepts him. Who knew, they would test us one day. Now i have to learn swimming first to show my face at office.”