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All employees in an IT MNC resign together to become farmers after Budget 2018

06, Feb 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Bangalore: In a major set-back to a mid-size IT company named Broke Inc, 275 of its employees resigned on the same day citing one of the weirdest reasons ever. The company was undergoing some turbulent times and just like any other IT company, the hikes were single digit even in the best of times.

The Finance Minister proposed the Annual Budget on Feb 1st and its biggest impact was seen on this company. The HR Head at Broke Inc. who was also the last person to resign spoke to our correspondent saying, “The Finance Minister has shown the way to the citizens. With so many schemes and waivers being launched for the farmers, farming became an exciting option for many software engineers who have been on the same salary since they joined about 5 years ago.”

When we tried to approach Mr. Santosh, who has been one of the oldest employees and was serving as the Program Manager at Broke, he immediately broke into tears and said, “What other option do we have ? I’ve been working here for 5 years and every year I get an increment in April. The amount is so small that I can’t even differentiate if it is due to my tax saving proofs submitted in March or due to increment.”

NASSCOM, the association for such IT and ITES companies has come down strongly on Broke’s founder Mr. Jabar Onsitewala. In a statement issued earlier today NASSCOM said, “It is unimaginable how Broke wasn’t able to give the onsite lollypop to retain its employees. This way every company will lose employees and we’ll have a farmer surplus in the country.”

Even though the employees of Broke resigned and tried to join farming, they were faced with stiff competition as even mechanical engineers were already standing in queue to get an enrolment for themselves. Many of them have prior relevant experience too unlike their IT counterparts.

Will the government care about salaried class too remains to be seen but such situations may never happen with any other IT company hopefully.