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IT employee's system hangs after Diwali Vacation, starts only after he sends the 'Sweets on my desk' mail

12, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Diwali vacation is the most awaited one for IT employees. Probably that’s the only time when they are not coding or sitting on the bench. And it was the same for Shwetank Srivastava, an IT employee residing in Mumbai. Shwetank had taken a full week break to visit Delhi and came back today morning to rejoin office. Everything went fine until he switched on his system to find out that it got hanged and no coding was possible.56099f351900003000fde95d

Even the maintenance engineers failed to rectify the problem. After a long struggle with the system that lasted for 2 hours, Shwetank realized that after every Diwali he used to send the ‘Sweets on my desk’ mail to his fellow employees. So he did the same, and to his shock or let’s say surprise here, the system started working fine afterward.

Shwetank’s case served as a reminder for all the other employees who were returning from vacation today as they too sent the ‘Sweets On My Desk’ mail before resuming work. And for those who had not brought any sweets to distribute, the system only worked well when they went out and brought a sweets box and kept it near the system before sending the all-important mail.

Bengaluru, where most IT employees work has seen a tremendous rise in the sale of sweets as most people are reaching the office with a sweets box.