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Employees trash boss after he fails to order pizza during the weekly sales meeting

11, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

A weekly sales meeting of employees at a leading FMCG company turned into a WWE match after pizza failed to find its rightful place in the meeting room.


Sources say that the senior manager who called for the meeting forgot to order the pizza which left the employees angry. That coupled with the fact that the meeting was held post lunch, added to their woes and they finally vented their anger on their unsuspecting boss.

Women employees too joined the trashing session, many of whom were already angry with him for not giving a good appraisal rating. The situation was brought under control after HR intervened and promised the angry employees that such an incident will not be repeated in future.

Many Sales professionals that our reporter spoke to underscored the importance of ordering pizza for meetings. “We order a pizza first and then plan any meeting. We even plan the size, the topping, the sauce and the amount of cheese before hand. Even the placement of the food item is according to plan,” revealed a the Sales Head at an IT company.

“As someone leading the team, it is his responsibility to ensure that pizza takes the center-stage in every meeting. A Pizza a day can keep disgruntled sales employees at bay is the motto that we follow at our organization,” he added.

After news found it’s way to mainstream media after few channels reported it as lynching, only to retract later. The Labour Ministry however has taken cognizance of the incident and is now planning to make pizza mandatory for meetings in public as well as private companies.