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Employees urge management to hire office space within a school campus, to have holidays during heavy rains

19, Dec 2017 By RT

Mumbai. Employees working in an MNC urged their top management to hire office space within a school campus, to have holidays during heavy rains, it is learnt by Faking News. Cyclone or heavy rains, the state government always declares a holiday only to schools. How about office goers? We go through the same challenging traffic and we are entitled to stay home too, the employees rightly demanded their entitlement.


“Two cyclones have passed through the city. Every time, I struggle to get an Ola or an Uber cab ride. We go through the same pot holes. We go through the same long lines of traffic. We have to cross dangerously through the broken traffic signals. What is worse? We have to do all these with smaller vehicles. When the government gives holidays to commuters who ride a big bus, we also can be exempt from the work. Next time, we would like to hear holiday declaration for all” an MNC employee told Faking News.

“I don’t think any government would declare holidays for private companies while announcing that the schools are to be closed. So, we demand that our office shifts to a new place within a school campus. Almost all schools in the city run like business houses only. They will definitely embrace this new idea, as long as the monthly rent is paid on time. Incidentally, we develop educational software. So, it is only appropriate that we operate from within a school” the HR manager of the company told Faking News.

“As a HR manager, I cannot take any decision whatsoever regarding running the company. Our powers are limited to arranging picnics, lunches and dinners. And of course, there are pod decorations and Christmas celebrations. By moving inside a school campus, we will get relief during inclement whether. This is a new item in our employee benefits programme” he further added.

Most of the employees are now demanding the working hours to be same as that of the school, it is learnt by Faking News.