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Encouraged by the salaries offered to freshers, techie leaves job to do engineering again

06, Sep 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Allahabad: Arvind Kadke, a young techie working with Peanut Consulting for past 4 years has decided to quit his job and planning to enrol for engineering course in a premier engineering college. He took this extreme step after he came to know about the kind of salaries fresh college pass out kids are getting in campus placements.

“My own employer is offering freshers a package which is 50% higher than what I am getting now. Naturally, if I join engineering again then in 4 years’ time, I can command a salary at least 50%-80% higher than what I get today. However even if I keep working like a donkey and manage 10% hikes for 4 years, I won’t reach where these kids are starting today,” explained Kadke.

Poor Arvind is imagining girls also in Engineering college.
Poor Arvind is imagining girls also in Engineering college.

Hari Sadu, the HR manager of Peanut Consulting received the resignation mail from Arvind explained in brief. Arvind was part of a campus recruitment team which had gone to NIT Allahabad. “A month back when we told him that he will be going for campus recruitment, he got super excited and went through every puzzle of ‘Puzzles & Teasers’ by Summers within a week in order to prepare himself for taking interviews. Even students appearing for campus exam don’t show this much rigour. They mostly rely on getting the questions leaked from other institutes. Anyway, so the crux of the matter is that he was happy with the job. Unfortunately he came to know about the package we are offering to freshers, which shattered his world,” disclosed Sadu.

But what you will do now, asked Faking News reporter. Sadu replied, “Mr. Kadke wasn’t that bright a resource anyway. So we have accepted his resignation and will get the same work done by a junior resource. It’s a win-win situation for all of us. Junior resource gets a sense of promotion, and we get the work done at 20% less cost.”

Meanwhile after initial excitement about hanging out with friends in canteen, re-living the hostel life and dreams of high salary diffused, Arvind slowly started realizing how the competition has grown everywhere. Now he has to compete with almost double the number of student in the entrance exam for premier colleges. Add to it the college fees that have skyrocketed from the time he did his engineering, he stands to lose more than gain from it.

Taking inspiration from Kadke, Shaitaan Khopdi™ had also shot his resignation to his boss last night. But he got a reality check in the morning when he received an SMS notification about his Home Loan EMI getting deducted from his bank account. At the time of publishing this report, he was begging his manager not to accept his resignation.