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Engg Colleges mandate 100 compulsory baths in final year to get degree, wary students drop out of college

16, Apr 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: AICTE has asked engineering colleges to implement a new rule. The students who would not take 100 compulsory baths in final year, they won’t be allowed to sit in the final semester exam.

While talking to us on this new initiative, Mr. B.K. Sharma AICTE director said, “We work with the industry to see where is the ‘gap’ in our students. Quickly we act on them to close those gaps. If we look back at the history, earlier some engineering graduates avoided taking bath, but now the problem has reached ‘epic’ proportion. Thanks to such low data rates students say they have no time for anything else.”

He added, “Most of these engineers after they graduate continue with their college habit. IT companies assign these engineers cubicles where if you stretch your hand, you might injure the person sitting beside you. In that ‘close’ atmosphere, it is natural for others nearby to feel dizziness when armpits are exposed to air. Same situation for fellow travelers inside Bengaluru metro coaches or Mumbai local.”

“Another problem as Bengaluru Maha Nagar Palike research report found on stray dog’s problem. The dogs refuse to leave the place where these students turned techies stay as the smell from their bodies are so strong, the dogs run after them. We had to do something on this problem”, said Mr. Sharma

Many students have come to the street protesting against this order.

“75% attendance chahiye class mein, uske upar 100 baths in a year. Hum kya mandir ka ghanta hai, jabhi chaho humme bajao. If they do not withdraw this order immediately, we will quit the engineering course”, said Kundan, an engineering student.

Deodorant and Skin Guard manufactures have come out in support of the students. #BathYaNOBathMyRight is trending in social media.