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Engg student calls warden at 6AM to complain no water for taking bath, warden asks are you an engineering student?

06, Aug 2017 By dasu

Rourkela: Rajendra Biswal, a student of national institute of technology, Rourkela did something which the hostel warden has not ‘experienced’ before in his 35-year-old career at the institute. He called hostel warden Mr. S. K. Patel to complain there is no water at the hostel to take bath, please do something about it.


“When I got the call, first I though it’s a prank call. First of all, an engineering student waking up so early and then asking for water to take bath, there was something ‘fishy’ about it. Immediately called the hostel security guard to confirm who has called me? After the security guard confirmed, I drove straight to the hostel to teach the ‘boy’ the basic etiquettes to be an engineering student”, said Mr. S.K. Patel who understood the pain of sharing his number with hostel students.

Mr. Patel shared his long experience of being a hostel warden. “I have studies in this college. Stayed in same hostels. Hostel students can have thousand problems, the top one being internet is down or slow causing inconvenience for them to see GOT new season in the morning. In fact, I have done study to find out per student water consumption in hostels. It is way below national average. I have concluded, if everyone understands how to ‘conserve’ water like my boys, then there would be no water problem for so many years”.

Rajendra shared the ‘reason’ behind the call. “It was Shravan Somwar. May parents have asked me to go to Lord Shiva temple after taking bath. Tell me what I would have done?”.

After talking to Rajendra, the hostel warden had one more induction training for all hostel students. “If anyone needs water like this boy needed, tell me in advance. I will have some contingency plan in place. Rest, please stick to your ‘usual’ practice and never try to alter the ‘DNA’ of the engineering student”.

The super market shop owner outside college campus is relaxed that there are not many Rajendras in the new batch. “Otherwise I had to reduce the quantity of deodorants I order normally. But the sales this year has been promising”.