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Engineer boy replies "Chai-sutta" when his mother asks for breakfast; becomes homeless

11, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

An NIT Bhopal student of second year, Sundar, became homeless when he mistakenly replied “Chai-Sutta” to his mother when she asked what he would like for breakfast. Initially Sundar’s mother didn’t realize what he said and asked again, “what did you say?” to which Sundar replied, “Choti gold aur ek cutting.” Things got worse as Sundar’s mother didn’t wait for a second and dragged him out of the house.

Faking News reporter approached Sundar and tried to know the full story. Sundar admitted that he had actually asked for Chai-Sutta in breakfast and has no regrets. Sundar further added, Look I am an engineering student and Chai-Sutta is as important to me as TRP is to you.”  

When our reporter asked Sundar whether he has any regrets, he gave some thought provoking answer. He said “Would you regret asking for oxygen in a confined space?”

Sundar has now shifted to his friend, Jeevan, who shares his college hostel room with four others. Jeevan told Faking News that Chai-Sutta is the reason most of the time we don’t go home even during semester break.

Jeevan revealed to Faking News the various pros of Chai-Sutta. He said, “Chai-Sutta not only saves money but also gives you a kick in the morning. This kick prepares you for a corporate life where you get kicked more often.”

Faking News sources say that many Indian engineering colleges have Smoke Rooms, which have Cigarette smoke as WiFi and the students don’t have to light a cigarette to smoke. It has also been learnt that a few students find Chai-Sutta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner more effective than work-out in losing weight.

Faking News is committed to provide you with the most reliable and true story of every incident. We are trying to reach out to Sundar’s mother to ask the mandatory question, “How are you feeling now?”

PS: Cigarette smoking is more injurious to health than engineering.