IT engineer who earlier spoke with a American accent to impress relatives, now speaks Bhojpuri to hide his travel history

14, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

It was a rude shock for relatives and friends of Satyendra Verma after his demeanor, which till few days back seemed American, shockingly turned Indian.

Sources say that Saty, his name after staying in America for 20 months, returned to India just a few days before lockdown was announced.

Since then Saty has been trying hard to hide his travel history just so that he deosn’t attract the attention of the authorities.

In his desperation Saty has taken a Bihari identity and even started speaking in Bhojpuri, leaving his neighbors shocked and amused.

Speaking to Faking News, Satyendra’s next door neighbor said, “His American accent is still ringing in my ears. Remember him flaunt

Friends reveal that Saty now insists that he be called Satyendra. “This personality change has affected his choice of music too,” revealed a friend.

“He wouldn’t listen to anything other than Metallica, Iron Maiden and Pink Floyd. At times making fun bollywood music. But now, all he listens to is Manoj Tiwari. His playlist is filled with hindi and bhojpuri songs,” the friend added.

Many of Satyendra’s relatives echoed the same feeling. Apparently, the shift has affected his matrimonial prospects as well.

“I always wanted a US returned son-in-law. Thought Saty would be perfect for my daughter. But after hearing him speak in Bhojpuri, I am not sure whether to be happy or sad,” revealed a distant relative of Satyendra.

Not wanting to draw any unwanted attention to himself, Satyendra has been taking every precaution possible.

“I even faked being dumb, like that character Tusshar Kapoor played in Golmaal, just so that cover wouldn’t blow up,” he revealed.

“Even when friends try to question me on my accent, I just say because of the lockdown, I have been spending a lot of time at home and since there are lot of people from Bihar in his locality, their language and mannerisms have just caught up on me,” he said, trying not to converse any further in English.