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Engineer forgets to post Facebook placement status, company withdraws the offer

28, Oct 2013 By Sagar Birla

Chandhigarh: In a dramatic chain of events, WeDespo, an IT giant has withdrawn its job offer which they offered to Sabpreet Kaur of Bubly Professional Organization after 6 months of wait.

WeDespo, which visited BPO (Bubly Professional Organization) earlier this year, had offered jobs to 75 engineers for different profiles. The economic slowdown didn’t appear to have a major impact on the total number of intakes and company mass recruited this year again. But they didn’t send any joining letter to anyone, which is usual with WeDespo and all other Indian IT industries.

But things went bizarre when Sabpreet Kaur sent a mail to the HR department of WeDespo earlier this week. To her surprise, she got a reply the very next day.

The mail read: “We regret to inform you that you could not match all the terms and conditions mentioned in your joining letter. As a part of the joining process, you were asked to post a Facebook status regarding your placement within two months. Also, you were supposed to like the ‘We Love WeDespo’ and ‘WeDespo Joinee Batch 2013’ pages. You did not do that either. Hence, your offer is being cancelled. Please contact your Placement Cell for more details.”

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Faking News has got an original copy of the e-mail, which was forwarded to us by our good friend Barack Obama.

A shocked Sabpreet contacted the placement cell, which wasn’t aware of the development either.

“We checked our spam folder and found out that a total of 13 offers were withdrawn. WeDespo visits our campus every year. This is totally unexpected and unprofessional. But our students should have been careful as well, they spend so much time on Facebook while on campus, so it’s strange they didn’t comply with this new rule,” the placement cell chief told Faking News.

When we contacted Mr. Suryanarayan Moorthy, the HR and Recruitment Head of WeDespo, he confirmed the development.

“The moment we choose someone as a part of WeDespo, he or she is supposed to start working for us from that very moment. Joining date is just a state of mind,” the 43-year-old HR head claimed.

“Previously, new joinees and their parents used to use word of mouth to spread the placement news and thus our goodwill. But now we have more powerful tools like social media. That is why we decided to include this condition in our offer letter itself. This shows one’s excitement and commitment to the organization. It also helps us to market our organization and reduce the expenditure on advertisements,” Mr. Moorthy explained.

“Getting Facebook likes for a girl is not a big issue, but she didn’t even do that,” the HR head explained why the job offer to Sabpreet was withdrawn.

The development has sent shockwaves among the engineering community, with every student rushing to Facebook to ‘like’ everything about their prospective employers.

Femity, a girls’ engineering college in Noida, has asked its students to follow the new rules strictly. In fact, the college administration has spread rumors that the more ‘likes’ a student attracts, the higher would be chances for the first promotion on the job.

Sources and stalkers on Facebook confirmed that most of the students have uploaded placement posts with a duck face selfie and some even updated their cover page with company’s logo.