Engineer found gatecrashing Ranveer Deepika reception in Bengaluru for free food

21, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

While the entire wedding ceremony went without a glitch, the reception in Bengaluru saw an engineering student gatecrash the event for free food.


CCTV footage revealed a 20 something man who couldn’t be identified by the bride’s family or the grooms, with his plate filled will food wandering around the venue. He was later identified as Ranjit Krishnan, a final year student from Regional Engineering College in Bengaluru.

Security Officials at the venue grew suspicious of Ranjit’s activities after he was caught filling his college bag with the food being served a the reception. “He has multiple servings at the food stalls and we let that pass by thinking it must be some hungry soul related to the wedding couple. But when this guy started filling up his bag with food, we took him aside and questioned him,” said an official.

Not just the security, guests too acknowledged the presence of a man with ‘strange’ behavior. Bollywood personality Farah Khan who was the firs one to arrive at the food stall was shocked to see that someone had already devoured most of the food. Speaking to Faking News she said, “I arrived at the stall serving mutter paneer and was shocked to see someone had already taken all the paneer leaving only the mutter behind. I was furious.”

In his defence, Ranjit said that he wanted to escape the tasteless food which is served in the college canteen and didn’t want to spend money in a restaurant. Apparently, gatecrashing weddings for free food is common among engineering students.

Thought the couple are not pressing any charges on the gatecrasher at the moment, the college to which he belongs has barred him from appearing for the placement interviews.