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IT engineer hacks his own computer to avoid working, blames Ransomware

22, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Bangalore: While most of the Indian software experts are claiming that India is relatively safer from ransomware, a Bangalore based engineer, Raghav, working in an antivirus company had complained about his laptop being attacked by ransomeware virus. Investigation revealed that software engineer himself hacked his computer to avoid work. OhMyIndia_SoftwareEngineering

 The case was forwarded to Electronics and Information Technology Ministry. Investigation revealed that Raghav himself hacked his laptop. Raghav was taken to police custody where he confessed that he hacked his own laptop after his boss gave him some unrealistic deadlines.

 Faking News reporter spoke to Raghav on the issue, Raghav said “I did this in my defense and I don’t find it ethically wrong. My boss has the habit of giving tough targets on Friday with the deadline of Mondaymorning” He further added, I have been planning of watching Bahubali 2 since its release, all my roommates have watched it and I feel secluded. Everyone these days talks only about Bahubali 2 and I struggle to feel connected. I can’t postpone it anymore”.

 Raghav says his boss’ cruelty his quite famous in entire office, he treats employees like labors, but doesn’t let them take leave on labor’s day, which is a compulsory leave.

 Raghav’s colleague Raman has put some serious allegation on Raghav, Raman allaeges Ragahv of being a member of a group that circulates facebook posts such as “Comment me 9 likhein aur jadoo dekhein” and whatsapp forwards such as “dusre group me bhejein aur 5 ghante me khush khabri paayein“. Bangalore Police has filed a case of spreading rumor against  Raghav.

 While Raghav’s story has created panic among many Indians, it has also brought out the cruel behavior of bosses across the Indian companies.