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IT engineer realizes that the only account that remains full after 5th of every month is email account

06, Aug 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru based IT engineer Madan Gopal often wondered how come his salary account which looks strong and healthy like Sunny Deol’s dhai (2.5) kilo ka haath at the beginning of the month takes the shape of KRK’s dhai so (250) gram ka haath in a week’s time.

If only bank accounts were like email accounts

While speaking to us, Madan said, “It was as if the debits like credit card EMIs, personal loan EMIs, Car loan EMIs, iPhone loan EMIs would be eagerly waiting the day when the one and only credit the salary will come to the account. Like a cyclone, all these EMIs will come and would devastate my account in minutes through their strong wind which we call automatic ECS transactions.”

Madan added, “After that I will not be in a state to look at salary account, because I know it would be crying for my help. More often than not I have to go out and find few saline bottles through some form of personal loan. Otherwise survival becomes difficult till the end of the month.”

“I am glad at least my parents & relatives look do not know after 5th of the month my car glove box will have more cash than my savings account. Otherwise they would have called me “Than Than Gopal” instead of Madan Gopal,” said Madan.

Madan said, “In these hours of crisis one accounts stands tall & solid like that of rock of Gibraltar. It is the email account. You do not have do much here. Automatically something or the other like some useless emails, meeting invitations from my manager or clients would have come.  When nothing much would be happening to fill the gap and show everyone that they are still active & working, HR team would have sent office decoration or team outing emails. Unlike salary account here something or other gets credited to the account every minute. My account has already taken shape & size of the Japanese sumo wrestlers still no respite in store for me.”

“Being a project manager I am expected to check with my email account all the time. Gone are the days your boss & clients expected, you need to reply during 9 to 5 office hour. Now office hour means all the hours your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network,” said Madan while reading two emails simultaneously. One from his manager which state at any cost he has to deliver the work assigned by evening and another from HR team which states tickets are booked for him for the matinee show of Kabali.