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Engineer updates "I am busy" on whatsapp, friend dies laughing

18, Sep 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Indore: Laughter is a medicine but overdose of anything can be dangerous, this got proved when a man died laughing in Indore. We have heard slangs such as ROFL-Rolled On Floor Laughing, but soon we will see DL, Died Laughing.


On Saturday, Ashutosh, 28 years old, was found dead in his flat in Indore. Ashutosh was a CA in an Indore based private firm. Police is suspecting murder though there are no mark on Ashutosh’s body. Ashutosh had phone in his hand with a whatsapp contact open. The contact was of his friend Arvind, who is an engineer and a dear friend of Ashutosh. Police has filed an FIR against Arvind.

Reportedly, Ashutosh made his last call to Arvind and the call lasted for around 21 minutes. Call was disconnected by Arvind. Faking News reporter spoke to Arvind on the issue. Arvind said, “I haven’t done anything”. He explained that Ashutosh was his close friend and they used to pull each other’s leg. On Saturday evening Ashutosh texted Arvind to know whether he is free on Sunday. Then he checked his whatsapp status that said, “I am busy” and called him. “On phone he didn’t say anything and laughed uncontrollably until I disconnected”, said Arvind.

Forensic report says that Ashuotsh has died due to excessive laughing. It’s not the first case when someone has died due to laughing. During Rahul’s rally in Gujarat a man died laughing. Though congress claimed it as a death due to stampede  that occurred when Rahul Gandhi started his speech and a large number of people started running away.

Case has been transferred to special CBI court and hearing is scheduled for 21st September. Meanwhile Arvind has been arrested by Police under section 505 1 (B) of the IPC  for misleading and spreading rumor. Arvind’s Whatsapp has been blocked till further investigation. Keep reading Faking News to know what happens next.

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