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Engineer working in TCS asks for Bail-out package from his parents to survive month end expenses

28, Jun 2016 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru. Staring straight in the face of an inevitable cash crunch, an engineer working in Taramamdal Competency Services has approached his parents for a bail-out package to fund his expenses, allowing him to survive the last week of month.

Worried about month end expenses? How about a bail out package
Worried about month end expenses? How about a bail out package

Pritam Sehdev, who works as a Junior Consultant in the company, spoke to our reporter and said how he found it difficult to spread the cashflows over the entire month and ended up spending the salary within first fifteen days of the month.

Severe financial crisis has rendered him with low or no bank balance and a life of a struggler, till salary gets credited to his bank account.

Pritam’s roommate Sachin, who is also on the verge of bankruptcy and is looking for funds to meet Chai-Sutta expenses, said, “Pritam, like every other unmarried engineer, lives his life king sized when the month starts and switches it to that of a bank loan defaulter when he realizes that he has too much of month is still there before him without any money.”

“Traveling in BMTC buses instead of Ola and Uber, eating rock-strong chapatis at PG accommodation, resorting to bidi from cigarette and Chaini-Khaini from Rajnigandha are some of the cases where Pritam has to cut down his spending. Also, to save Deodorant costs, he has started taking bath daily,” added Sachin explaining the actions that Pritam would take once the bail-out is granted.

Pritam’s parents have agreed to lend some money to him but the structure of the package has certain terms and conditions attached to it, which seems more complicated than the CTC structure designed by the companies.

He would be taking the help of HR to figure out how much cash component he would receive from the bail-out package agreed upon by his parents.