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Engineering college to have separate mess for Vegans to stop them from irritating others while eating

19, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Ambala: While some institutes are providing different plates to students on the basis of their food habits, an engineering college in Haryana has gone a step further by constructing separate mess halls on the basis of food habits. Ajab-Gajab Institute of Technology has decided that vegans will be given their own mess hall so that they can stop irritating other students by repeatedly telling them that they are vegans.

Go Vegan, then tell everyone about it!

There were several complaints from other students that they are no longer able to enjoy their food because of repeatedly hearing that someone is a vegan. The frequent guilt trips didn’t help either and eventually, vegetarians and Non-vegetarians joined hands to raise this demand which has been accepted by the management. As per sources, the cost of the new mess hall will be recovered from students by fining every student with less than 10% attendance.

Confirming the news, a senior person in the college’s management said ,”Despite the best efforts of our mess contractor, some students are still eating in the hostel mess. And they keep complaining all the time about these few vegan students who go up to each and every person in the mess to tell them that they are vegan. Students are busy trying to break the Roti with a hammer and chisel. Such distractions cause them to lose concentration and hit their own hand instead of the Roti. it was a health and safety issue so we decided we better put these vegan kids elsewhere.”

“I don’t know how we got vegans here though. It must be the western influence through the exposure to internet. We are thinking about banning the internet in the hostel but then these students will never submit an assignment so we are stuck on that point”, he added.

Meanwhile, vegans in the college have not taken this decision well. They are saying that they can’t digest food without telling non-vegans that they are vegans so it is cruel to isolate them.