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Engineering colleges to operate in night time so that future transition of students to IT jobs becomes easier

10, Sep 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has asked engineering colleges to move their operating time to night shift so that the engineering graduates do not face any ‘difficulty’ while starting their IT career.


AICTE chairman Sanil Sahasrabudhe while speaking to us said, “We always work closely with IT industry. Depending on their need of the hour, we change our curriculum, add/delete whatever they want from time to time. This college time change notification is one more step to align with the industry’s long standing demand”.

Mr. Sahasrabudhe added, “It’s not like our engineering students sleep early. You will struggle to find a hostel student sleeping if his hostel has free wi-fi. But everyone does not stay in hostels, so some unfortunate ones do not get a chance to inculcate this ‘good habit’ which helps them a lot in future”.

Mr. Sahasrabudhe said, “One more thing I must point out. To keep yourself awake with free wi-fi and your personal laptop is easy, but IT company will give you work to complete overnight for which you need to spend hours in searching through google. Neither you will have time, privacy or lack of firewall settings to browse kind of stuff our students do at hostel or at home if their parents are not tech savvy. So, keeping ‘boring’ lectures during night time, will help all”.

When Mr. Sahasrabudhe thought, this is enough, Bengaluru based IT companies have asked AICTE to add one more month of training exclusively for traffic stamina test. For this they want instead of one month summer training in third year, it should be made two months. “Industry wants every engineering student to spend at least eight hours daily in traffic. So, that they become traffic hardened before they get a chance to work on real customer projects with tough deadlines to meet”, said an AICTE official on the new industry demand.