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Engineering course launched for repairing bulbs, fans, etc. at home to please parents

11, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After sensing growing expectations of parents and relatives of engineers to repair faulty household devices, a renowned management turned technical guru has opened new institute IIIT that will launch a new course in the market.

This course will aim at training students and making them world class electricians engineers, who will be able to repair any bulb or fan under the sun ceiling.

An Engineer as desired by parents and relatives.
An Engineer as desired by parents and relatives.

As per a faculty of IIIT, “These days getting an engineering degree from even IIT is not enough. People can go on boast on their twitter bios about them being a IIT pass-out and working in US based IT companies, but it still carries no value in your parent’s or relative’s eyes. According to these people, a child spends 4 years of his life in an engineering college only to repair home appliances.”

“We realized this growing need among engineers for gaining some respect in the eyes of their parents, relatives, and girlfriends, if any, and therefore, we are addressing it through this course,” the dean of IIIT told Faking News.

A pass out of this course will be fully equipped to repair bulbs, tube lights, fans, computers, and even leaked taps/commodes if need be, and save their family’s expenditure on repair works.

“That’s the only way their engineering degrees could be valued,” the IIIT dean said, “Furthermore, you never know you could become a skilled plumber and get more employable than regular engineers.”

As a part of the course, students will be taken to government offices and schools where half of the things are perpetually in faulty state and not working and would be asked to repair them.

Many engineering students and engineers have expressed happiness at this development.

“My day used to start and end with taunts from parents and wife,” said the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of a leading IT company, “Ghar mein engineer hai, aur hum baahar dhakke kha rahae hain electrician ke liye. Kya fayda aisi ratte maar ke degree haasil karne ka. Kisiliye kharcha kiya teri engineering pe itna were some of the taunts I was subjected to daily,” added the man from 1999 IIT Delhi batch, who is ready to resign and pursue this new course to get back his lost honor.

“I have earned enough money, now I need to earn love from my near and dear ones,” he added.

Experts feel that current courses in engineering colleges have become so theoretic that soon India would be country with engineers not being able to recognize electronic devices, leave alone repair them.

However parents are not amused with the course and feel there is no need for any separate course. One should be able to learn these things in the current course itself, the parents insist.

“The word engineer itself makes you visualize a man wearing yellow helmet with all tools in his kit, ready to repair anything with word go,” explained a mother of a first year computer engineering student who was struggling to fix the washing machine.