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Engineering student blames canteen food after failing exams, says 'someone mixed performance diminishing drug' in food

02, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: Ranjit Iyer, a third year Mechanical Engineering student at a local college in Bengaluru was shocked after looking at his semester results, which showed him failing in 8 out of the 9 subjects he appeared for.

The canteen food that is under investigation
The canteen food that is under investigation

Ranjit, blamed the canteen food for his dismal results alleging that someone had mixed ‘performance diminishing’ drug in his canteen food.

Speaking to Faking News, a visibly upset Ranjit said, “I see a conspiracy in this. Some of my batchmates are jealous of me. In the previous semester I failed in just 4 subjects. But look at my results now. The count has doubled. How can that be possible when I did all that was possible to get myself through the exams. In fact, I am known as the ‘Ruby Rai’ of my batch.”

When asked if he suspected anyone, he said, “Yes, I won’t name him. He’s from my batch and jealous that I was failing in lesser subjects than him. He probably got the cook to mix the ‘performance diminishing drug’ in my food.

College authorities have taken cognizance of Ranjit’s complaint and have set up a 5 member committee to look into this matter.

“It’s a serious allegation. We have sent food samples for investigation. Previously students have complained about canteen food having too much daal in water and hard rotis. There were protests in the campus and we somehow dealt with the situation by giving every student a hammer and chisel to break the roti. But this case will need to be tackled in a different way, said a member of the committee.

Meanwhile, a few media OB vans were seen outside the campus, with few reporters trying desperately to find out if Ranjit was a Dalit,