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Engineering student caught going off to bed at 1 am, issued show cause notice

22, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Pune. A 2nd year engineering student from one of the 246 top 10 engineering colleges in the city was yesterday issued show cause notice by the hostel authorities after he was caught dozing off to sleep as early as 1 am in the night.

20 year old Padhaku was caught sleeping by one of his 4 roommates who heard sound of somebody snoring for the first time in the room.

“Till now we used to think he must be watching some porn covering himself with blanket every night. We didn’t know he was sleeping,” his roommate told Faking News.

As the news began spreading, the entire hostel assembled in the open ground outside the hostel and demanded Padhaku be thrown out of hostel, lest he influences other students too.

Following this the hostel warden investigated the case and held him guilty for the breach of the Engineering code of conduct.

The sight of book in the hands further irked his room mates.
The sight of book in the hands further irked his room mates.

The warden after consulting the seniors then issued a show cause notice to him asking him to explain why he should not be expelled from the hostel.

“We had ostracized him way back last year when we caught him studying 24 hours before exam,” revealed his room-mate. “But this is way too much. It’s like having dinner 9 am in the morning. He is a blot on engineering students.”

Padhaku, who was earlier reprimanded after he was found taking bath daily was let off after he promised to keep a gap of at least a week between baths. But this time the hostel authorities felt he had gone a bit too far.

“If he is so keen on sleeping so early, then why did he take up a tough course like engineering? He should have taken up commerce or arts,” the college’s principal argued how this one incident has damaged reputation of the college and the sanctity of the course.

“This is engineering goddamnit. You may or may not be studying late into the night. But you have to remain awake. What are college classes there for if you are sleeping in the hostel,” a 29 year old alumnus of the college, now preparing for IAS, rebuked Padhaku.

“Tell me what is the difference between us and graduates from other courses, if we too resort to such a normal behaviour,” he asked Padhaku. He then beat up Padhaku after Padhaku told him that the difference is that other graduates have girlfriends.

Meanwhile his roommates are now planning to immerse themselves in a pool of old monk to cleanse themselves completely, as they fear his behavior could be contagious.