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Engineering student caught taking bath after getting drenched in the rain, gets expelled

21, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Surat : An NIT engineer has been expelled  from the hostel for one of the most bizarre reasons you will ever hear.

Kundan Sharma a second year mechanical engineer was expelled from the college for taking a shower. It may not sound you a justified reason for expelling someone, but Kundan took shower even after he got drenched in the rain.

According to hostel warden, Raman Patel, Kundan got drenched during a normal monsoon shower, he returned and went straight to the common washroom of his floor. Rupesh, Kundan’s class mate witnessed the incident and informed all his friends, before Kundan come out, the entire college was waiting just outside the common washroom. College students aren’t ready to forgive Kundan and have demanded strict punishment for setting the wrong benchmark.

The incident hit the social media and in no time Kundan Sharma was trending at top.

One of the users who seem to be an engineer wrote, “I can’t even recollect when I took shower last time, I am sure Kundan skipped “Water conservation” chapter”

Another user said, “By bathing twice in one day, Kundan has severely impacted the average no. of bath an engineer takes. He should be expelled.”