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Engineering student comes to the rescue, shows Delhi residents how to survive with limited food and water

22, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: An engineering student from a local college has turned into a beacon of hope overnight for thousands of residents of Delhi, who had to brave the weekend with limited water and food.

Water shortage? Let an engineer show you how to deal with it
Water shortage? Allow an engineer to show you how to deal with it

Gaurav Khurana, a third year student Mechanical engineering student of Banwarilal College of Engineering, has been travelling across Delhi armed with his experience of living in college hostel.

Speaking to Faking News from his hostel room Gaurav said, “I have been reading about the problems faced by the people and I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a laugh. The media is reporting the situation as a ‘water crisis’. I mean we deal with such situation on a daily basis. I saw housewives complaining that they got water for only an hour in the morning, which they said was insufficient for household activities. Let me tell you, we manage our ‘morning rituals’ with just half a glass of water.

“The daal in hostel mess has more water than what we get for our daily activities. And the ‘extensive menu’ and ‘tasty meal’ ensures that we have food just once a day. I am sure that my experience can definitely help the residents of Delhi do more with less,” he said, pointing towards the calendar and showing our reporter the days in the month when he did not have a bath.

Gaurav’s video on ‘5 daily activites you can manage with a glass of water’ has already gone viral on social media, with several other engineering students too pitching in with their ‘jugaad’.

Our reporter also spoke to residents in Paschim Vihar, who said that they were greatly benefited with the video. “I must say, earlier it was difficult to manage the day, but now I actually manage to save a lot of water. Now I know why engineers are important to the nation. mere dono bacho ko engineers hi banaungi,” said a housewife.

Meanwhile, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has extended his full support to Gaurav apart from inviting him to join the party. The media department of AAP has also started shooting a 5 min public service campaign to educate people people. “We are on the job. We understand the pain of the people. By tomorrow you will see an ad in all major newspapers educating people about how to deal with water shortage,” said a senior AAP leader.