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Engineering student creates record, in a decade becomes the first to completely exhaust ball pen refill

10, Jan 2016 By dasu

Delhi: Ashim Das, who runs a stationary shop inside a private engineering college campus for last two decades, was left shocked yesterday when a student came to ask him for a refill for his pen. For last decade or so he has never seen a student coming to him and asking for a replacement refill used in ball point pen.

Empty ball poine pens, a rare sight
Empty ball poine pens, a rare sight

In fact, Ashim Das was so confident that no student will ever come to ask for a refill again that like Prof. Virus of 3 idiots, he had announced a reward for students. He had said that if a student can prove that by writing he has used the refill end to end, he will reward the student. Unlike Professor in the movie he did not keep the space pen as a reward because he knew no engineering student would be interested to have a pen as reward. Instead he announced a 32GB pen drive as reward which is loaded with movies an engineering student would definitely like to possess and share.

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Das said, “Well I was just taking a nap yesterday afternoon and this young boy Hemant comes to me, wakes me up and demands a refill. I thought this will be another classic case where the student would have used the ball point tip to remove the sim card from iPhone or something like that that which in turn would have damaged it. But that was not the case. Even the used refill ink seemed like has been used up completely and it didn’t look like the ink was squeezed out.”

“I cross-examined this boy and asked him whether he is from some remote village, who is still writing letters to parents and relatives or whether he is one of those romantic boyfriends writing long love letters to his girlfriend but he burst out laughing when I mentioned a girlfriend and reminded me that he is an Engineering student”, Mr Das added.

A shocked Ashim Das hasn’t yet come to terms with the fact that someone managed to finish a refill completely. He explained his shock to us and said,“There are many engineering student who have forgotten how to write, how this guy can write so much. All they know these days is typing and that too in that atrocious shortcut language. Just before exam I have seen students downloading app to learn about writing, some still struggle, I teach them the basics. There are some who hold the pen like cigarette which comes naturally to them. This boy must be really talented and intelligent.”

When we asked Hemant how he managed to write so much, he smiled and told us in a low voice, “My handwriting is best in class so I prepare chits for everyone during tests and exams.”