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Engineering student declared “outlaw” for actually using scale, protractor and compass in class

27, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Jaipur. What started as a simple soil-engineering lab-class for B.Tech students at Jamunadas Institute of Technology, Arts and Management (JITAM), turned out to be a defining moment for one of the students in the class.

Ritesh Bhaum, the usual front bencher in the class has apparently been ostracized by the rest of the students for using scale, protractor (DEE) and compass in a lab class during which others didn’t even bring a pen. Students have decided not to be on talking terms with him until he mends his ways and falls in line with the expected ideal code of conduct of class.

Very unfortunate moment .
Very unfortunate moment .

Ritesh, who is a 2nd year Civil Engineering student, was not available for comments as he was attending another lab class, followed by a self-revision session of previous class. But some of his classmates who were bunking the lab class were available in the canteen for comments.

One of his classmates Barun Sahai voiced his concerns in detail, “Ritesh is a very sincere student, but har cheez ka ek limit hota hai. In the soil engineering lab, where we don’t even take our pens or any sort of notebooks, that bugger brings the whole geometry box. And when professor showed the class an A4 size sheet, talking about how we should submit our assignments. Our Ritesh bhai drew a diagram of the A4 size sheet in his notebook and labelled it with pencil and scale? Hamne to ek word nahi note kiya. Hum saale C hai kya?”

He further continued, “The other day another professor just drew an animal on the blackboard while talking about road safety and driving. Saala Ritesh ne us animal ka bhi diagram bana liya, with pencil and scale and labelled it “Animal on road”. The whole class got simultaneous goose-bumps on seeing that. First of all his hand-writing is beautiful plus he notes each and every detail, dekh dekh ke insecurity ho jata hai yaar.

Mishika Armani another of Ritesh’s classmates also raised strong objections on his classroom behavior, “Ritesh notes and all, that is fine ya. That is also helpful for us only in exams ya. But the way he talks to girls is simply disgusting ya. If a girl talks to him he won’t look at her at all, plus he will keep his responses very curt and quick. Arre bhai ek baar ankh me aankh daal ke baat kar ya. We won’t eat you or something.”

While it is not yet clear on when will the students forgive Ritesh for his actions, a few students accepted the fact that their exam results depend a lot on Ritesh’s clearly written, formatted and exhaustive class notes. Consequently this embargo on Ritesh is only expected to continue until the night before exams when people generally seek him for photocopying of his notes.