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Engineering student demands Article 370 to be deployed in his room

30, May 2014 By Pratik Purohit

New Delhi. After observing the political debate over the issue of Article 370, Rohan, an engineering student, has asked his family to apply Article 370 in his room.

The 19-year-old came to know about Article 370 after media reports, and found some of its provisions very interesting and beneficial to his personal interests.

Article 370, which grants special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir, triggered the otherwise dormant mind of Rahan to think of innovative ideas on how to break free from rules, regulations, and strictness of his disciplined parents.

Rohan found his way through Article 370.

Talking about his parents, he said, “They don’t even allow me to stay up late at night, forget about booze. There are some strange rules that they have made for me, like bathing daily, waking up before afternoon, etc.”

“But I love my parents,” added a visibly confused Rohan.

Worried about his freedom and right of self-determination, Rohan has now demanded that his parents apply Article 370 in his personal room.

He hopes that once Article 370 is applied in his room, he will be able to live his life by his own set of rules, which he calls “engineeriyat“.

He is also excited that his parents won’t be able to take away anything from his room, just like rest of Indians cannot purchase any piece of land in Jammu and Kashmir.

“My room, my rules,” said an excited Rohan when asked about advantages of Article 370 in his room.

Rohan’s parents are meanwhile shocked over their son’s demand.

“Why is he putting such a strange demand? He is part of our family and we made rules for his own bright future. I can predict that even if Article 370 is applied, he would still get those bad grades,” Rohan’s father told Faking News.

Meanwhile Rohan has threatened his family that either they apply Article 370 in his room or he would declare his room as an independent house or may even merge his room into neighbor’s house.