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Engineering student develops a gadget to differentiate between roti and papad served in hostel mess

25, Sep 2016 By dasu

Rourkela: Students surviving on hostel food often get confused between hard roti and soft papad served in their hostel mess. Going forward, this confusion will not be there as one of the alumni of NIT Rourkela, Mr. Umesh M. has developed a gadget which can correctly identify which one is roti and which one is papad.

Papad or roti?

Showcasing his innovative gadget, Mr. Umesh said, “These engineering students survive for the entire day with low calorie meals of chai and cigarette. They need at least one proper meal during dinner time so that they can push themselves late, really late into the night, that is when they head to the hostel mess. However, when they reach the mess, the roti would be hard and crisp like a papad confusing the students. Even when you eat it, you can’t tell whether you have eaten a roti or a papad. ”

“There is already plenty of confusion for the students in a mess, how to differentiate between water and dal, finding paneer in matar-paneer, chicken in chicken curry, now we don’t want them to struggle between papad and roti as well. Therefore, I developed this unique gadget which tells them the name of the item they are eating”, Umesh said.

“Once you scan an item with my gadget, it will calculate the hardness of that and tell you whether it is a papad or a roti prepared in the mess’, Umesh added.

When we asked whether Papad will be harder or roti, Umesh said that the roti prepared in a hostel mess is the hardest substance known to man.

However, students have rejected the proposal to buy this kind of obscenely high cost gadgets which would reflect in their monthly hostel bill. Instead they have suggested to management, just give us our favorite Maggi, we can assure you, there would be no fights in the mess.