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Engineering student found downloading Balika Vadhu torrents

06, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Gandhinagar. In a major blow to Modi masculinity, a third year male student of electrical engineering at IIT here was found to have downloaded all the episodes (a work in progress) of TV serial Balika Vadhu on his personal computer.

This gross misuse of resources and technology has left the whole campus shell shocked, with many demanding immediate expulsion of the student lest such behavior is picked by others.

Balika Vadhu
Three dozen pictures of this girl was also found on the hard disk of the suspect

“Now I know why there was problem in live streaming of the Hyderabad test match. This sucker used all bandwidth to download saas-bahu serials!” complained Raj Prakash, who watches cricket matches online even though there is a TV in the hostel.

The culprit, whose name has been kept secret to protect identity and dignity, has been suspended from taking part in upcoming sports festival, and has additionally been served a show-cause notice by the students’ body.

“We have also ordered an inquiry and the initial findings are shocking to say the least,” a student’s body representative told Faking News, “He was found discussing if new Anandi is better than the old Anandi on orkut forums and had liked ‘Jagya’ on Facebook.”

Downloading TV shows or movies is a common practice among all engineering colleges, but sources say that there are some unwritten rules, which the accused had broken.

“This is like taking part in daaru-party and consuming only potato chips and cold drinks – totally unacceptable!” a student explained.

While engineering students are hopeful that the accused will “reform” himself soon, some human rights activists from outside the campus have spoken up in support of the “victim”.

“This act by the engineering students is against individual freedom and liberty, and smacks of fascism,” a rights activist camping outside the IIT campus declared.

“Balika Vadhu might be a regressive serial, but this student was progressive,” the activists claimed, refusing to explain the meaning.