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Engineering student was found doing Surya Namaskar looking at sunset thinking it as sunrise

29, Jul 2017 By dasu

Rourkela: Kali Prasad Sahu, an engineering student from NIT Rourkela, was doing Surya Namaskar by looking at the YouTube videos of Baba Ramdev thinking sunset as sunrise.

After breaking the slowest ever record of doing 3 rounds of Surya Namaskar in thirty minutes, visibly tired looking Kali Prasad did ‘sabasan’ for another half an hour to refresh himself. Then he headed towards mess to have his breakfast when mess supervisor told him, “this is evening time, come after one hour, dinner will be ready”. Kali Prasad was shocked to know the Surya Namaskar he was doing looking at sun thinking it as sun rise was sunset time.

“In last one year, I have hardly attended any class because of my irregular sleeping habits. Have drank more beer than water and hold cigarette more number of times than a pen. Thought it is high time I have to change my habit and do something good. What’s better than starting your day with Yoga”, said Kali while speaking to us.

Some of the Kali’s friends were shocked to see an unusual sober looking Kali who was reading newspaper for the first time. “All these tamasha because of PM Modi shouting so much on Yoga, Yoga day. Here on a Saturday evening instead of doing cheers in a pub, Kali is reading newspaper and here I am, reading Wisdom”, said visibly upset looking Hitendra, a close friend of Kali.

“For this only our parents send us here by paying so much college fees. Just waste your four years doing nothing. Humara seniors kya kehenge. What kind of students have come to our college this year”, said Hitendra who was preparing to participate in the inter college competition of creating five Olympics rings through cigarette smoke in one stroke.

Hitendra was worried if they both follow such unusual practice of sleeping through night and getting up early, which IT company will give jobs to them. Hitendra’s apprehension was unfounded as Kali after one bottle of bagpiper went back to his usual self.