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Engineering student going on vacation detained at airport for carrying lot of text books

15, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Preetham Patel, an engineering student was detained at the Bengaluru airport as the airport security staff suspected something fishy when they found him carrying a cartoon box full of books.

“While questioning him, we found he was going home for vacation after his semester exam got over. A student will carry so many books, that too when his exams are over. Kuch to locha hai idhar. That’s why I took him to side for questioning,” said Manish Yadav, a senior security officer working at the airport screening counter.

“I have not done engineering means what. I do not know anything about it. My nephew is doing engineering. I have seen him coming home. For some time, I have worked at a top engineering college as security supervisor. The quantity of books this Preetham Patel is carrying, even a whole hostel won’t have this many books,” said Manish

Manish added, “I asked him to open all his suitcases and show me the items one by one. Did not find any soiled blanket or bedsheets typically engineering students carry to their homes Even the laptop hard disk I scanned, did not find any movie which are widely played in hostel common rooms. It was morning 7 seven o’clock. He looked like someone who has taken bath in the morning, no deodorant smell.”

“Started suspecting, he might not be an engineering student. Called his college reception, due to some local holidays, office was closed. Told him if you want to go, call one of your friend who look like an engineering student and more importantly behave like one,” said Manish who has asked Preetham to sit there till his friend comes.

With two hours left for his flight take off, Preetham was getting nervous how his friend will reach airport with so many traffic jams on the way. Sitting there he was making a list of things he must not carry from next time to avoid these kinds of checks. Oh, yes, he must have some sample items which engineering students only use.