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Jobless engineering student still not sure if he should say 'Working in a Startup' or 'Preparing for MBA' while responding to queries from relatives

09, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

Vishwas Kumar, who completed his Mechanical Engineering last year, is one of the thousands of jobless graduates who is at loss of words when questioned by his relatives about career choices. Thankfully for him, ‘Working in a startup’ and ‘Preparing for MBA’ do provide some respite from the embarrassing situation of having to explain you joblessness.

Speaking to Faking News, Vishwas said, “Unfortunately for me I come from a family of achievers and it’s difficult for me to match up to the expectations that everyone has set for me. So when I failed to land a job after my engineering, I was looking for creative excuses to convince people around me. Startup and MBA came across the best ones which wouldn’t make me look like an idiot.”

“The problem is now I can’t make up mind over which one should I choose. I know nothing about startups. Most of my relatives are not so tech savvy, so throwing around a few tech jargons gets me through the day. Letting them know about my ‘MBA plans’ will only get me into difficulty later on when they ask me about exam results,” he added.

Vishwas is not the only one, many from the engineering community face the same problem after the course is complete and since they all have the same excuses for their jobless status, the relevance of these excuses has seen a steady decline over the last 5 years. Many even calling for new excuses to be invented.

“We are facing a situation where relatives are getting increasingly suspicious of these ‘startup’ and ‘MBA’ kind of defenses to camouflage joblessness. If we don’t come up with a few creative ones quickly, engineering stream itself wouldn’t survive in the long run,” said the President of Jobless Engineers Association of India.

Others feel that this is just an overreaction and look at it as a self-limiting problem. “I am an engineer too and I am from Bihar. For the last 30 years jobless youth in Bihar have just word to tide over such situations and that is ‘competition’. I managed to shut up around 100 inquisitive relatives whom I met at a wedding by just saying that I was preparing for ‘competitive exam’. My father too did the same,” said Kanhaiya Yadav, who has