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Engineering student nominated for Oscar by viva professors after he pretends he had studied but forgot the answer

28, Nov 2017 By Akash Vadera

The stage was set for 20-year old engineering student Chaitanya Sagar. He was getting ready for his biggest performance. Crowd cheered as Chaitanya Sagar entered into the viva room.


The panel consisted of 3 professors, 2 internal professors and 1 external. All eyes were on Chaitanya as he was about to deliver his biggest acting performance yet. Then the professor asked, ‘What is the difference between a microprocessor and a microcontroller?’ This was it.

This was the most awaited moment of the day. Everyone gasped as Chaitanya started to think. He pretended he is thinking the answer for almost 4 minutes and then replied, “Sir.. umm.. I know this perfectly. I had studied the entire chapter last night. But..” professors look in anticipation; crowd looks in anticipation “But sir.. I.. *makes tsk sound* I.. forgot”.

The professors were stunned. The principal, the students, the watchman as well the canteen staff all applauded Chaitanya and they give him a standing ovation. The external professor is flabbergasted by this performance of Chaitanya. He decides to nominate Chaitanya for Oscars 2018 under ‘Best Actor in Lead Role (Male)’.

The above incident is true to the tiniest detail and is as narrated as told to by us one of the internal professors of Parshuram Engineering College, Mr B. C. Verma. He said, “I have seen many students acting and pretending that they know the answer or they had studied etc. in my 15 year career. But let me enlighten you. We viva professors know whether you have come prepared or not, the second you sit on the chair. Sometimes we trick you by asking questions that have no relation to the syllabus or out of the syllabus. Even then some students say that they had studied it the night earlier, but have forgotten. They fall for these simple traps.”

“I obviously fail them or give some passing marks depending on the level of non-sense their excuses have. But Chaitanya was something else. Never in my career as a professor, have I seen someone pretending that he has studied with such grace, confidence, and elegance. And mind you, I have taken more than 200 vivas. When Chaitanya delivered his performance, all of us including the external were awestruck. The other internal professor almost believed that Chaitanya is not acting, but telling the truth and gave him the highest marks. But I realised that he was pretending when he made the ‘tsk’ sound. This ‘tsk’ sound is a giveaway that the student is trying to over compensate for his excuse. I have learnt all this based on my experience in vivas. But the external was completely mesmerized by Chaitanya’s performance. Even though he just gave him passing marks, because that’s what externals come for, he decided to nominate Chaitanya for Oscars 2018. We’re very proud of Chaitanya and encourage him to take up acting as he most likely isn’t going to get any job after engineering,” he added.

Kudos to Chaitanya for making it to Oscars 2018 and we wish him all the best for the grand event!