Engineering student reported missing last month found in his hostel room during Diwali cleaning

18, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

An engineering student from a Regional Institute in Karnataka, who went missing last month, was today found in his own room during hostel Diwali cleaning exercise.

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Sujith Nair, a third year mechanical engineering student, was reported missing by hostel authorities a month back. Sujith had not been attending his lectures and his classmates were clueless about his whereabouts.

It had been a harrowing month long hunt for the cops, who were on the verge of giving up, till the news of his appearance was revealed.

While speaking to Faking News, a senior hostel attendant said, “It was the usual cleaning of hostel room that we undertake every year during Diwali. While we were cleaning Sujith’s room, we heard a faint mumbling from under the pile of newspapers, food packets and unwashed clothes. When a JCB crane managed to move the pile, we found the missing student underneath.”

A few close friends that our reporter spoke to were ecstatic with the news, now hopeful of getting back the money they lent him last year.

Speaking on his health condition, a doctor from a local hospital who attended the student said, “He is perfectly fine and it is shocking how he managed to survive under the debris for a month.”

Sources say that though Sujith was buried under the pile, he survived on half opened packets of lays and leftover farsan scattered in the room.

As per Gartner report on hostel cleanliness, the waste generated by hostel rooms in India was increased exponentially in the last decade. The report also warns that that it could contribute to global warming if not checked.

Taking cognizance of the mounds of trash found in boys hostel, college authorities have now asked for regular cleanup of rooms.

The cleaning undertaken by hostel was more of an exercise to extract Diwali baksheesh, will now be made mandatory.