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Engineering student sent back who was spotted studying during Goa 'study' tour

26, Mar 2018 By dasu

Panaji: Subir Sen, a mechanical engineering student from NIT Rourkela was sent back to his hostel who was found ‘studying’ during Goa study tour.

After Subir’s photograph with the book on ‘Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K. Nag’ went viral on social media, the trip coordinator Bishwanath Sahoo had no option than calling for an emergency meeting with the leadership group of the trip. Professor B.K. Rath who was accompanying the students at the end asked Subir go back for bringing such ‘embarrassment’ to his batch mates.

“I do not know why he came on the trip on the first place. Only student in hostel who reads sixteen hours a day. I was his roommate for some time, won’t realize he is inside room studying, would lock from outside and go. But no difference, when I come back I see him sitting at the same place studying. Made no difference to him,” said Bishwanath.

“Aisse bhi mechanical ke log hain. Itna Padhai karke milega kya. Our department ladies’ toilet is remaining unused from 1995 as prof Rath told us other day. Koi join nahin karti use karne wali,” said Bishwanath.

Bishwanath added, “Goa study tour itinerary was for five days, four days on the beach, one day optional. Whoever wants to see the church, temples, dil chahta hai shooting location, let them use that day.  If he wanted to read something, he could have asked me, it’s not that we are not carrying any books. Thode alag type ke books hamesha rehta hai mere pass.”

While talking to us Subir said, “Who wants to come for this type of study tour where study happens on the beaches only. I came because this trip has twenty marks weightage in final semester. Good, I have now one more week to prepare for IES exam without any disturbance at hostel.”