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Engineering student taking daily shower taken to counsellor

31, Jan 2018 By itsmihir1993

Vishwas Rao, a first year engineering student at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B), was recently taken to the campus counsellor by fellow hostellers after he was found to be violating the campus norms with his abnormal behaviour. The student, who was advised emergency care, was reportedly taking shower every day despite being an engineer student.


Rao’s classmates in the institute have always known him as a rebel. Speaking to us, his roommate said, “I always wondered what he does in the bathroom every morning. He used to spend an hour inside but I never found any shampoo-like substance on the bathroom floor. That’s when my suspicion grew stronger—he was using the bathroom for other purposes, only to realise that he takes shower in the bathroom.” The roommate was the first person to have reported to the college authorities about the abnormal behaviour of Rao.

Complaints from several hostellers prompted the authorities to take strict action against him. The Dean of Student Affairs at IIT-B, who looks after the hostel issues, said, “We don’t keep the water tank filled because nobody really bathes. However, the little water that we store was getting used up every morning, confirming our suspicion that there’s someone who is bathing in the hostel.” The Dean, with assistance from the hostel staff, took Rao to the campus counsellor.

Rao’s parents were also informed about his rebellious behaviour. The parents, who found nothing abnormal in bathing, were charged 50% of annual fees as penalty by the institute for non-conformation of their child’s conduct with the hostel norms.

Speaking to us about the incident, Rao said, “Look, it’s my first year here. As time goes by, I will acclimatise with the engineering life.” He further clarified that it will take him some time to emulate the fellow engineering students and spend time in the bathroom only to produce shampoo.