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Engineering students demand 'Dosa Making' to be added to curriculum after roadside dosa vendor declares black money

08, Oct 2016 By natasha

Mumbai. The government’s Income Declaration Scheme passed its last date on 30th September. There were several last minute declarations from roadside eatery owners, with some declaring 50 crore rupees in black money.

This has traumatized the vendors, as they lose their hard earned black money, but the people most affected are working professionals. They now look at the pani puri vendor next to their office with untamed anger and jealousy.

Investment bankers look at the dosa-wala next to their house with a longing unmatched, at their easier and tax free job, not affected by recession, (and the worst part) higher income.

Brace yourself for 'Diploma in Dosa Making'
Brace yourself for ‘Diploma in Dosa Making’

Engineering students from IIT-B are demanding that dosa and chaat making must be included in their curriculum.

“Pani puri walas make more money than we ever will make and we’ve been studying since we were 5! Do you know how difficult is it to get admission in an engineering college? I started IIT coaching in first grade! Some may say dosa making and engineering are not related, but mechanical engineers get jobs in banks, so this can’t be all that different. The famous street food vendors of Mumbai should come and take job interviews like other companies do. If you come first in your class, then you get to do internship with Kirti college wada pav wala, if you come second, then with Mithibai college wada pav wala,” demanded Rohan Shah, a third year electrical engineering student from IIT.

Management students, not to be outdone by their engineering counterparts, demand the same thing, “Engineering students are always trying to steal our jobs, we won’t allow that this time. We are the best at adapting and improvising. We score good marks even when 90% of the paper is out of portion, hence we are more suited for this business,” says Bharti Patel, a second year management student from NMIMS.

The actual food stall vendors don’t seem worried about being out of business because of this new development. “One needs a certain sly cleverness for this business which engineers lose when they mug up different textbooks every semester. Their brain is filled with irrelevant information. I have two flats in Mumbai, three in Ahmadabad and a holiday home in Himachal and Goa. Yet I don’t pay a rupee in tax. They don’t have the street smartness for selling street food,” said a dosa wala.

Next time you eat bhel puri from your local chaatwala, chances are that he is not only richer than you, but he is also more qualified.