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Engineering students offer solution for Deonar garbage crisis, say 'experience in dealing with their own hostel rooms could help'

12, Apr 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: A few engineering students from a local college in Mumbai have offered to help the BMC deal with the ongoing garbage crisis in Deonar, confident that their skills in dealing with the garbage in their own hostel rooms may come handy.

An end to Deonar crisis, thanks to engineering students
An end to Deonar crisis, thanks to engineering students

At a time when increasing incidents of fire at the garbage dump is giving residents and the BMC sleepless night, engineering students have once again proved that the tax payers money has been put to some good use.

Rohit Jain and Ankush Tiwari, Mechanical Engg students at Lucky College of Engg in Mumbai, who took up the task of making Deonar garbage free spoke to Faking News reporter and briefed us on their lastest assignment.

“Our college is not too far from this dumping site and we too have suffered because of the stink. A few days back I went to the nearby xerox shop to get some assignments photocopied and I saw smoke billowing from the garbage site. I realized that the situation was getting out of hand and something had to be done to deal with this problem,” said Rohit, as he looked towards his Ankush.

“I saw a few images of the dumping ground and to me it looked less severe than some of our hostel rooms. I knew there was something we could do. I shared the idea of cleaning up the mess with some of my friends, but didn’t get any response from them. Even Watsapp messages, twitter DM’s, emails to the media didn’t help in getting any attention. Then one night, after having dinner in the mess, I went to my hostel and started screaming ‘azaadi’. In no time there were hundreds of students ready to listen to my idea,” said Ankush.

The idea went viral on social media and many engineering students especially from mechanical engineering stream have pitched in and extended their support.

Govt. sources say that they are elated with the support from the students. “When the fire broke out we found ourselves in a quagmire, unable to find a solution to problem. But now we are confident, afterall these guys have dealt with the garbage in hostel. I don’t see why they cannot handle the mess at Deonar,” said an official from BMC.

The duo are also planning to launch an app that provides professional garbage cleaning services, hoping to monetize their idea in the future. “We could just be the next flipkart for garbage. Our story reads like those who make it big in the startup world. We are engineers and two in number. Now all we need to do is drop out of our college and we can make it big in the startup world,” said Rohit with a smile.