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Engineering students shocked at AMU students discussing something as unimportant as library

13, Nov 2014 By manithan

Aligarh. Engineering students from various corners of India are landing every minute to join an ongoing massive protest against the students of Aligarh Muslim University, after they came to know from news that people are fighting for space in university library.

Protesters have blocked all the entrances to the university and also of its constituent colleges. They have even arranged for biriyani parcels to be delivered for three times a day and have planned to go on indefinite dharna. Initially, police appeared in large numbers on suspicion that protesters might be fundamentalists extremist communal fringe Hindu groups, but once they realized that they were just lazy engineers, they diverted their attention to find the buffaloes of Azam Khan rumored to be lost in nearby airports.

Thinking of it as protest to support the girls, our Faking News correspondent went to the front line of the protests and congratulated the protesters for standing up to women’s rights and freedom. Immediately, the person who was shouting in mike towards the college, came running to us and slapped us. He shouted, “Let the women rights group protest for the girls. We are not here for that. We are here because we are angry. And we are angry because we came to realize that students are fighting here for entering a library.”

Protesters quoted the great philosopher Flato,
Protesters quoted the great philosopher Flato, “Libraries in the home of great thinkers have no books, but beers”

After a small cough, he continued, “We would have felt good, if students of AMU had fought for bathroom. We would have felt great, if students had fought for extra chicken curry. We would have felt excellent, if students had fought each other for extra round of whiskey. But, the students of this university had shamed the whole students fraternity. They have made us, students, hang our head down in shame. We will protest until those students oblige to our commands. If they do not bow down to our protest, we will not leave this place.”

Turning back to the crowd, he took his mike and shouted towards it, “Have you ever went to library in your four years of engineering?” for which all of them shouted back “No” in unison.

He further shouted, “How many of you know that there is a building called library in your college?” in response to which only two or three lifted their hands. Ones who lifted their hands were immediately taken away and their fate is now unknown. He again shouted, “Can we say that these AMU students going to library, reading there and fighting to enter library is a disgrace to the students community?”, to which everyone shouted “Yes!”.

The guy with mike kept on repeating the same questions, during which we got a chance to talk with another engineer from the crowd. Identifying himself as Rahul Sharma, he said, “Do you think this is an organised protest? No. Not at all. This is the anger bursting from each one of us. This is a natural response to the dastardly act committed by the AMU students. While we consider it as a sin to even go to library for sleeping, these students are blowing the issue out of proportions. You know what? Last year, one of my friend John, was chased away from class for sleeping. As it was raining heavily, he had taken refuge in the library for one hour. As soon as we found this out, we ostracized him forever from our gang. That is the punishment we need to give to these AMU boys and girls. They should be ostracized from the student community. This is a black mark for engineers and the students community as whole.”

Commenting that these protesters are extremists and banishing them from the engineering community, few liberal engineers agree that they indeed go to the library, but for other reasons. Rajkumar, a third year engineering student, said, “We go to library, not for books, but for looks. Once we find out where our crush is in the library, then we go and keep on taking books from the shelf where she is searching, until we get that pull from other side. We play push and pull with that book and when one of us gives up, we see our crush in that gap and use this as chance to develop friendship with her. But most of the times, our professor turns up on other side.”

“Also, during the romance period, the gaps between the library shelves is the best place to be in, where we can give accidental kisses and hugs,” he argued.