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Engineers' association of India writes to Arun Jaitley to subsidise Old Monk in the upcoming Financial Budget for 2018-2019

01, Feb 2018 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi: Engineers’ Association of India (EAI), the apex body that has all engineers and single men from other course across the country as its members, made a unanimous decision in its AGM held last week to approach the Finance Minister Mr Jaitley with a demand that affects engineers across the nation.

In a recently held press conference by the EAI, their spokesperson Mr. Farukh Engineer said, “For the benefit of the entire engineering community in the country, we demand that the only source of happiness for our members, i.e. Old Monk rum should be subsidized by the FM in the upcoming budget.”

After making a few gulps of something dark red in his glass, he added “As it is most of the engineers are unemployed and the spend on old monk constitutes for nearly 45% of the expenditure of engineers, we demand that the government pay attention to our need to save money for other purposes. Many students have started having neat since the money they have goes into buying the rum and they have no money left for water and chakhna.”

EAI was not alone in this demand. Opposition leader from the Aam Aadmi Party, Mr. Bhagwant Mann joined EAI in support and said “I stand with the EAI in their demand, though mostly I am unable to stand without anyone’s help. The plan to increase liquor prices and excise duty by the govt is to make AAP even weaker in times when we need donations desperately.”

It is an unsaid rule that engineers buy only old monk as that’s the only alcohol that fits their budget which is usually approaching zero by 10th day of the month. Many engineer’s even use the same to brush in the morning and especially in winters when old monk acts as life saver as many can’t afford blankets. It is imperative that the government at least evaluates the situation or starts providing jobs to engineers so that they can earn more and have less time to consume alcohol.